Get your pen and paper out because today we’re sharing 10 blog post ideas for photographers that you are gonna want to steal!

Okay, let’s have some real talk for a minute.

When you are blogging regularly, it can be hard to constantly find inspiration for new content.

I mean, there are only so many session you can blog where you talk about how amazing your clients are and how perfect the location/setting/light was.

We totally get it!

We’ve done the hard work and are giving you things you can blog about right meow.

So put on your boss babe hat and get those creative juices flowing!


Virginia Personal Brand Photographer


10 Blog Post Ideas for Photographers

  1. Your Ideal Life as a Photographer
    I wrote a post like this and it was so much fun dreaming about what my life could look like
  2. Gear Head
    Write about what gear you use – is it different for portrait sessions vs what you use at weddings?
  3. Share Your Heart
    Tell people why you do what you do – what drives you to be the photographer that you are!
  4.  What You Wish You Knew
    Share a post about things you wish you knew when you were starting out in the industry.
  5.  Before and After
    We always show amazing images, but often people don’t see what goes into making that image great! Why not show “the shot” and then a pullback of what everything actually looks like? (for the perfect example, check out the images of my sweet little shrimpie below).
    portrait composition examples.
  6. Share a Solution
    If there’s a problem you are having as a photographer, chances are that there are other’s having the same issue! Share with people something that you struggled with, and how you overcame it!
  7. Write a “Getting to Know You” Post
    These are always fun ones to put together and people love getting to know the person behind the camera! Whether you are sharing “fun facts” or a “getting to know me” post – these will be lots of fun for you and your readers!
  8. Show Behind the Scenes
    People love knowing what goes on behind the scenes, so showing what happens when you aren’t taking pictures gives an insider’s look at your business.
  9. Give Advice
    Whether it’s advice for new photographers, tips for brides, or suggestions for what to wear, there are endless ideas for you to share your expertise.
  10. Make a List of Things You Love
    Whether it’s a confession about enjoying trashy reality tv (my guilty pleasure) or a secret love of renaissance paintings, this can help clients get to know the real you!


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