A few weeks ago I shared a blog about what is in my camera bag, and talked about the gear that I use most often and what it’s useful for. If you haven’t yet, check out all the reasons why I love these for everyday use!

Now that you’ve had some time to digest that, I wanted to share a post on whats in my wedding camera bag.

I always bring the same gear that is in my regular camera bag, but there’s a whole lot more in addition to that!

At weddings there is so much that you need to be prepared for, so I try and bring everything that I’m going to need (or could even think about needing!)


Whats In My Wedding Camera Bag

Shape Shifter Camera Backpack

wedding camera bag


I don’t always haul everything and the kitchen sink with me, but when I do, I use the Shape Shifter Camera bag from Think Tank.

I really like this bag because it has LOTS of storage space, and gives options for how to carry your gear.

Inside the bag, there is room for two camera bodies, and space for three lenses.

In addition to that, there are a bunch of pockets inside and outside the bag.

There is space for a laptop (great for traveling!), a place to strap on a tripod, and two large pockets on the outside (where I store an additional lens and flash).

Because of the amount of gear I bring, it’s definitely too heavy for everyday use, but when it comes to weddings, this bag fits the bill.


Canon wedding photographerCanon 5D Mark III

Considered one of the best full-frame cameras – this beast does everything I need it to do and more.

Yes, there is a newer version of the camera out (Canon 5D Mark IV), but I’m still at the point where the Mark III does a bang up job.

I can create HDR images in camera, play with double exposure, do focus stacking….

And that’s on top of all the regular features the camera has like 22.3 megapixels, or a high ISO of 128,000.

For me, it all comes down to what you’re going to do with the equipment.

You could give me Picasso’s paintbrush, but I’d still only be able to draw stick figures.

Gear is good, vision is better!


Canon Camera LensCanon 70-200mm,  F/2.8 L

There are so many people who sing the praises of this piece of gear.

I know this zoom lens has a lot of awesome features and can do some pretty amazing thing!

But for me, I literally only use this lens during the wedding ceremony.

Typically to get close up shots of the couple without having to be on the alter with them.

I know, I know – I should absolutely use it more!

But my issue is that this lens is so dang heavy!

This lens is wonderful for getting a soft, compressed background, and popping your subject from the background.


Canon 100mm, F/2.8 L

canon macro lensThis lens is AH-MA-ZING for detail shots, and something that I always make sure to have (especially when we’re creating ring pictures!).

With a price tag right around $750, this lens is a real bargain for what you can do.

In my Photo 1 class, we talk about how each lens has a “minimum focusing distance”, meaning you must be at least “X” amount away from your subject in order for the camera to focus.

Most of these lenses are anywhere from 1-3 feet, depending on the model.

However, the 100mm boasts a measly 1 inch distance, so you can be rightuponit when you are taking pictures!

Whoot whoot!

And on top of that, this lens is great for portraits as well, making it one of the best values for money spent!


Canon 50mm, F/1.2 L

Considered the king of all around lenses – you can’t go wrong using a 50mm.

This is a hugely popular lens, and most closely approximates what the human eye sees (when used on a full frame camera).

Since it has the capability to get down to lower apertures, this is a go-to for many photographers in a variety of situations.

Initially I was against getting this lens because I didn’t feel like I needed it.

However, it has become a staple for doing flat-lay photography, as well as general shooting, especially during receptions!


Canon 35mm, F/1.4

Whats in my wedding camera bag
This lens used to pretty much live in Eric’s camera bag (initially I bought it for him to use).

But it has become a wedding staple for us, especially when we’re shooting large group portraits or the reception!

This is a wide angle lens, and allows you take in a larger view of the scene, while getting down to lower F-stops to help let more light in.

The 35mm is awesome for showing the scope of an area without having to be super far away.

Plus it’s awesome for creating that “bobble head” effect (love using this on little kids!).


That’s my go-to gear

When I’m out for an event, this is whats in my wedding camera bag.

There are those that shoot with more, and there are those that shoot with less.

When you’re trying to decide what gear to use, it really comes down to what you’re going to do.

Know what your gear can do and how to make it work for you!


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