Being an entrepreneur is about owning your power – but how are we supposed to be badass business owners who still need to conquer camera awkwardness?!

But let’s be real, ladies: even the fiercest business woman can turn into a nervous wreck when staring down the barrel of a camera lens.

Dun Dun Dun! (cue dramatic music)

That awkward smile, the stiff posture, the sudden urge to hide behind your laptop – they all seem to magically appear.

But guess what? You are not alone.

And you definitely don’t have to sacrifice professionalism for authenticity in your personal branding photos.


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Conquer Camera Awkwardness: How to Rock Your Personal Branding Shoot (Even if You Think You Hate Photos!)

Feeling Like a Deer in Headlights

One of the key culprits is feeling uncomfortable in front of the camera.

The beauty brand Dove did a study to reveal that a staggering 77% of women feel uncomfortable in front of the camera.

We picture awkward poses, forced smiles, and endless clicking, leaving us feeling more self-conscious than confident (especially when there doesn’t seem to be a lot of confidence to start with).

That’s where the right photographer becomes your secret weapon.

Not only will we get rid of that “deer in the headlights” feeling, but I am going to be your biggest cheerleader and bring out your inner rockstar!


You Need Guidance, Not Judgment

What we crave is clear posing guidance. Not robotic instructions, but a skilled photographer who understands our anxieties and works collaboratively. We want someone who can translate our brand vision into natural, flattering poses that showcase our expertise and personality.


Unprofessional or Awkward? Not Today!

The fear of looking unprofessional or overly posed is real.

I mean – how many photos of you smiling at a coffee cup do you really need?!

It brings to mind those stiff, staged images that scream “stock photo,” not the dynamic, joyful, rockstar entrepreneur you are.

But trust me, the right photographer won’t trap you in clichés – enter Fresh Look Photography!


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Examples of Posing Guidance to Conquer Camera Awkwardness:

  • Start with a conversation: Before clicking, an awesome photographer will take the time to chat with you. I want to understand your comfort level, brand image, and ideal poses so we can create genuine, authentic images.
  • Demonstrate, don’t dictate: They don’t just bark orders; they demonstrate poses, allowing you to mirror their movements naturally.
  • Micro-adjustments for big impact: They make subtle tweaks to your posture, hand placement, and facial expressions, maximizing your confidence and natural beauty.
  • Variety is key: They offer a range of poses, from sitting to standing, dynamic to contemplative, catering to your strengths and preferences.
  • Feedback loop, not one-way street: They encourage your input, adjusting poses based on your comfort and ensuring you feel empowered throughout the shoot.


Remember: A skilled photographer acts as your partner, not your director. They guide you, not control you, ensuring poses feel natural and reflect your unique personality. Trust their expertise, but don’t hesitate to communicate your preferences.

So, ditch the camera anxiety! By seeking a photographer who prioritizes your comfort and collaboration, you can capture stunning personal branding photos that are both authentic and professional. Now go out there and own your spotlight!


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