Princess RoomI like to think of myself as an artistic person. So when it came time to give my daughter Mara’s room a makeover, I took it to an extreme! When I’m feeling crafty, the creative juices start flowing and I am trying to figure out what I can do with what I’ve got (or what I’ll have to buy to make my plans a reality).

Getting CraftyI knew that I wanted to give her a Princess/Fairytale themed room, so what started out as a small project, quickly turned into a monster that had me creating a little girls fairytale room (exactly what I would have wanted if I were 4 years old ;). I put so much time and energy into giving Mara’s room a makeover! I Painted, sanded, measured, nailed, drilled (thanks mom for the cell phone pics!)… out of character for those that know me, because I hate getting my hands dirty!

Getting My Hands Dirty


But I have to admit, that it was all worth it when I put everything together and am able to see the beautiful things in Mara’s room that I know I made with love. I didn’t do it for a client, or because someone was paying me to be crafty, but simply because I wanted to do something special for my daughter.
Since I was feeling crafty and am also a photographer, you know I couldn’t get away without taking some pictures. Here are some steps along the way to making Mara the perfect princess room! Now that I’ve got this all put together, I’m gonna have to do the same for my son Wesley’s room (we’ve got a pirate theme planned!!!).

GIrly Room Decor Princess Decor Handmade with Love Diva Decor


And Now The Final Product:

Little Girl's Dream Girly Room Details