Regardless of where you are in your photographic journey, these Lightroom wedding presets can make your job a whole lot easier!

After seeing our Sleeklens workflow review, we were contacted by the awesome folks at Fix the Photo.

They asked if we would try out their presets and write a review for them as well.

We were excited to tackle the challenge!

Just so you know

Fix the Photo provided me with a copy of these presets to try for free, but I am not being paid to endorse them or their products.

If I think something is awesome, I’m gonna share with y’all (which these presets totally are!). But if they’re not quite so awesome, I’m gonna share that as well.


Lightroom Wedding Presets Review

From the company:

FixThePhoto: Lightroom Wedding Presets (Entire Collection) 

This is a big pack that consists of 230 wedding Lightroom presets: Matte Dream, Pro Wedding, B&W Essential and Vintage Love Presets.

These dreamy wedding photo Lightroom presets create a special airy effect. All shadows will be brightened up and the white levels toned. Having used this set, you will not only soften the photograph, but also add mild film tone, organic tones, create a matte effect or brighten the photograph.


The Real Deal

I’ve been using these presets for a while and they are pretty gorgeous.

However, we are photographers who have a lighter/brighter style.

I don’t think that I got as much out of these presets as a moodier photographer would.

That’s not to say they are bad (not even a little bit) – but it’s a different style than what we typically present.

That being said though – these presets have opened my eyes up to how using a little more drama in the photos can really make an impact!

I would recommend purchasing these presets if you want to create a darker/moodier style in your images.

The presets are great in the sense that you can do a lot with them, and there are varying degrees of impact that can be applied to your image.

And – as with any Lightroom preset – you can adjust the individual adjustments of each slider to get exactly the look you are after.


Before and After Photos

Edited using Presets: 13_Wedding_Tonning_Cold_WB_Vignette 2

Lightroom Wedding Presets

wedding preset review

Virginia photo editing classes


Edited Using Preset: Wedding_Film_Hard_4Dark2

Lightroom Wedding Presets

Edited Using Preset: Wedding_Matte_Tonning_Purple

Lightroom Wedding Presets Review


Edited Using Preset: 05_Wedding_Soft_Contrast_Matte2

Wedding Editing Preset Review

Lightroom Wedding Preset Review for Photographers


If you want to check out all the awesome presets at Fix the Photo, you can check out this link.


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