Living life in the military can be tough – it’s hard to schedule things, family is usually very far away, you’re always moving to a new place and having to start over, and it can often be lonely. When Katie got to Pensacola FL to attend school to become an officer in the Navy, she was really just looking for a friend. Who would have thought that all this time later, she would be doing a Williamsburg Winery engagement shoot with her fiancée Brad?!


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And of course we HAD to get a shot of Chester, their adorable Husky puppy!

Williamsburg Winery Engagement Shoot

Katie will be the first to tell you that when she was getting ready to head down to Florida, finding a husband was the last thing on her mind! She is a very focused and motivated gal, and that’s just one of the things that has made her a successful officer in the Navy. But when she got to Florida and met Brad – who was the person assigned to show her around her new school – they both knew there was something there between the two of them!


Fresh Look Photography engaged at Williamsburg Winery laughing together Williamsburg Winery engagement shoot


These two wanted something a bit different for their photo location, and when Katie suggested a Williamsburg Winery engagement shoot, I knew it would be the perfect setting!
Rewind a few months ago to when we had that freakish snowstorm – yeah, that was supposed to be the day that we did photos… let’s just say that mother nature had other plans for us that day. So we ended up rescheduling our shoot and it actually all worked out for the best because the day that we actually took photos turned out to be PERFECT.


Katie and Brad, I can’t say enough amazing things about you two! I have loved getting to know you guys throughout the wedding planning process, and I can’t wait to share all the gorgeous photos from your wedding with you!!!


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Navy officer at sunset engagement photos at sunset Williamsburg Winery engagement shoot


Love What You See? Want to Have Your Own Session?!

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