Bridal Beauty WorkshopAfter attending a get together with my mentor (Katelyn James) I left feeling inspired and knowing I wanted to put together a Bridal Beauty Workshop of my own, where local photographers could get together and take pictures just for the fun of it! You can check out all the awesomeness from Katelyn’s event {HERE}, but one of the things I loved most about that evening was being able to get together with industry peers in a loving and nurturing environment.

Catherine's Distinctive Floral Design Bridal Beauty WorkshopWhen it came to the details for my bridal beauty workshop, I knew that I wanted it to be a free event so that anyone who wanted to participate, could, without money being an issue. I know firsthand that as a starting out photographer, there’s not a lot of extra cash for the “fun” stuff! So my next goal was getting a model (the gorgeous Amanda, of Amanda Truth Photography), a rockin bouquet (graciously provided by Catherine’s Distinctive Floral Designs) and super glam make-up (done by the talented Keren Robinson with Makeup By MUA LLC).wedding bouquet details

√ Check
√ Check
√ Check

Bride in a fieldThen all I had to do was spread the word and let people know about the event!
Done and Done!
Within two hours of writing a blog post about the event, I already had over 200 views and 3/4 of the spots were already spoken for! Wow!!!
It made me realize that there was definitely a need for this kind of thing in the area: photographers getting together to learn and photograph in a fun, relaxed environment.

Country Chic Bridal

Making it Happen

Plans were set in motion, and on July 19th, fifteen gorgeous gals (and one handsome dude!) made our way to the side of a highway (literally) and rocked out this gorgeous photo shoot!

Amanda did an amazing job as our “bride”, being super willing to have nature all over her (eek!), and giving us lots of genuine emotion. Seriously, that girl can emote!

Practice Makes Perfect Glam eye makeup Cracking up

Thanks so much to all the wonderful people who came out to join the event and photograph with us, I hope you all had an amazing time!!! Keep an eye on the blog because there’s more awesomeness coming in the fall (including an amazing weekend workshop that’s gonna be a blast!!!).

Bridal Beauty Workshop beautiful bride glam bridal Country Chic Bride Bridal Portraits Bouquet Details

And Of Course…

No event would be complete without the infamous “group picture”, I love that we’re all so amazing and goofy (at the same time!). Ladies, it was wonderful hanging out with you, I can’t wait to do it again!!!

Bridal Beauty Workshop Bridal Beauty Group