being interrupted... againAs a mom who runs her own small business, I work really hard trying to find that balance between taking care of my kids and getting work done. However, there are those times when no matter how much you’ve done or how many times you’ve stopped what you’re doing, the kids are back and you are being interrupted… again. Don’t get me wrong, I love my babies, and would do anything they needed! But there comes a time when you just gotta say, enough is enough!

That’s why I am currently sitting in Kangaroo Jac’s bounce house in Chesapeake, letting my two  kiddos burn off some energy and trying to get some work done. They’ve got music blasting all the current poppy favorites, little kids are running around screaming their heads off and the ac is cracked to the max; but I figure at least they’re not sitting on the couch watching tv!

Tire Swing fun


But this brought to mind that instead of begrudging the fact that the kids are making my life “difficult” by not letting me get any work done, I am feeling thankful that I have them and treasuring this time I get with them.
Yes. Even with them running around and me sitting here tapping away on my laptop.
Because they keep running back over here to get a drink, and I always manage to steal a kiss or tell them I love them.
I’m staying connected with my babies while we’re still all getting what we need: they get to play and I get to work.

Wrapped in a blanket


But that’s not to say that in a few hours, when we get home and I settle down to work for the afternoon that (even though the kids have everything they need) I will end up being interrupted… again. And instead of becoming irritated, I’m going to get up and go look at the drawing my daughter just finished (even though it looks like the last 20 she just did!), or talk to my son when he wants to ask me about whether the sun orbits the Earth or it’s the other way around. It is my hope that you will take a bit of patience away from this blog post and make that extra little bit of time for your babies today <3

being interrupted... again