I get a LOT of emails in my inbox every day.
At various times throughout the day (more often than I care to), I check my inbox and sort through emails: most of them get deleted, some of them get replied to immediately, and the rest of them get bookmarked for later.
When I got one of the recent emails from Danielle LaPorte, the subject line got my attention, but the message completely arrested me, as she gave us all a sentence worth writing down: a sentence worth writing down

This is a sentence worth writing down:

I am devoted to dreaming about my ideal life.

Danielle is an entrepreneur and public speaker, talking about “life, love, consciousness, some cash, and everyday liberation. And desire. It always gets back to desire.” She puts out a fabulous email regularly and recently wrote this article which immediately arrested me and made me start thinking!

When did we give ourselves permission to stop dreaming?

As kids our dreams are as big and as wild as possible. Nothing holds us back, and there is nothing to dissuade us from thinking that we can be a dragon when we grow up (I’m still holding out for that!).
But somewhere along the way we got bogged down in the day to day muck, and stopped dreaming, and longing and yearning; because it isn’t productive.

Dare to Dream!

What was that one thing you remember dreaming about as a child?
Just take a moment to think about that.
Got it?
Okay, good.

When you were dreaming about THAT, did you worry about if you could do it or if it was actually feasible?
No! Of course you didn’t!
You had a childlike innocence and limitless imagination to dream about whatever you wanted.

Where along the way did we lose this?

I issue the same challenge that Danielle did on her website, write this sentence down:

I am devoted to dreaming about my ideal life!

If you’re not a “pen to paper” type person, I created this printable and would LOVE for you to download it and print it out and hang it up where you can see it (mine is going to hang in my bedroom!). There are two different sizes (the download pin is 4524), so get them printed out and start dreaming!!!