October Goals ListSaying hello to October means a few things: that the leaves are changing colors, it’s time for boots and sweaters (I can’t help it, I’m a basic white girl!), pumpkins are starting to pop up everywhere, and it’s time to write my October goals list!
Last month was SUPER busy, I ended up doing 7 weddings (eek!), and that’s on top of all the other awesome-ness that we had going on (like fall mini sessions and shooting for the Harrison Opera House!). As far as my September goals, I think I did pretty well! I didn’t get the chance to go apple picking, but that’s on the agenda for this Saturday, plus I’ve been super happy to be blogging weddings once a week (love showing off my gorgeous couples!).

Fun Stuff In October

Cruise Month
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Eat Country Ham Month (Smithfield Hams here we come!)
Oktoberfest (who says you have to be German to celebrate?!)
Columbus Day – October 13th
Pumpkin Cheesecake Day – October 21st (now who can I get to make me one?!)
Halloween – October 31st

reach for itOctober Goals List

Personal Goals

  • Finish the book I’m reading
  • Get to bed earlier (I’m super bad about staying up late!)
  • Be proactive with wedding planning (this month I want to secure the venue)
  • Take the kids on a fall outing: hayride, pumpkin picking, etc.

Business Goals

  • Write out a calendar of blogs and what day they’re being posted
  • Schedule times to do all my client viewings
  • Better response time to clients when they email/message
  • Time – schedule specific times to work and times not to work (so I’m not sitting on my computer 20 hours a day!)