Summer classes at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art just ended, but we are already gearing up for the fall semester with a great lineup of classes and a few new workshops! So if you’re looking for the recipe for success, all it takes is 6 weeks to become a better photographer!

No really!

I mean it!

You give me 6 weeks of your life, take the time to practice concepts we learn in class and apply them in your life, and I promise your photography will be transformed!

6 Weeks to Become a Better Photographer

Check out these classes being offered for the fall semester, which starts September 30’th. Feel free to check out the link for a detailed listing of all the classes.

6 weeks to become a better photographerPhoto 1 – Intro to Digital Photography

Learn the basic to get out of auto and start shooting in manual, as well as fundamentals of photography and how they can increase your image (composition, lighting, depth of field, etc).

Photo 2 – Beyond the Basics

We take everything we built on in Photo 1 and keep going, spending each week at a different location around Hampton Roads to put our photography into practice (hello creepy graveyards anyone?!). This class is awesome because we are able to focus much more on actually getting out and using your camera in the field.

Introduction to Lightroom

Ever wondered whether to use Lightroom or Photoshop?
I’m telling you right meow, use Lightroom!!!
It’s an amazing program that can do everything you want it to do, while still being intuitive and relatively easy to use. (not that I’m biased or anything ūüėČ )
All photos (no matter how awesome they are straight out of the camera) can be improved by a bit of tweaking, and this class can really help take your images to the next level.

Weekend Warrior

Don’t have the time to devote to a 6 week class? Check out these two weekend one day workshops.

Social Media for Photographers

Twitter, LinkedIn, G+, Tumbler… ever get overwhelmed with all the things to keep track of out there?! This is a mini workshop that focuses on taming the animal that is Social Media and making sure it works for you.

Business for Photographers

Just what it sounds like: this class focuses on learning how to get organized and set up a legal photography business here in Virginia. We work on developing your vision, setting up a business strategy, and learn how to effectively market to gain the type of clients you want to have for your business.

Sign Me Up!

If you’re willing to take 6 weeks to become a better photographer, then I’m ready to take this journey with you!¬†For more information or to schedule, please contact the education department at 425.0000 x. 329 or email¬†