world photo dayI know for me, things are always a little more bearable if I have something to look forward to. Whether it’s a holiday, upcoming trip, or even just a day when I know I’ll have a break; having something to get excited about always makes things a little more bearable. That’s why I’ve been super stoked about today, August 19th 2014, because it marks 175 fabulous years of photo lovers around the world celebrating World Photo Day!

The actual World Photo Day project was founded by a lovely Australian gentleman named Korske Ara, who talks about his love for photography, technology and agriculture on his website (if you haven’t looked at it yet, go do that right meow!). Ara, with the help of a few others, got this idea off the ground because he had a dream of uniting local and global communities in a worldwide celebration of photography.

About the World Photo Day Project

Here’s a little bit about world photo day from their website: “Founded in 2009, the World Photo Day hosted its first global, online gallery in 2010 with the goal to unite local and global communities in a worldwide celebration of photography. World Photo Day is about celebrating the ability we have to communicate though this powerful visual medium.
Since its initial launch, The World Photo Day project has grown from an idea into a global event as photographers around the globe have joined the celebration.”

How can I get in on the fun?!

I thought you’d never ask!

Whether you choose to go out and photograph with a group, or stay in and contemplate on your photographic journey, there are endless ways for you to celebrate world photo day… just make sure it ends with you taking pictures! The world photo day website has lots of great ideas for things that individuals can do, so pick one and get out there with your camera!