corolla beach sessionThere is a favorite spot that I usually take clients who want a beach photo shoot, but it’s always nice to get out and photograph somewhere new. So when I went and did a Corolla beach session down in North Carolina for the Groom family, it was lovely to be able to get a change of scenery! Definitely one of the things I loved most was the tall, green, sea grass that’s so abundant on the dunes down there! family reunion

Dad and the kids, all grown of four sand and dunes sea grass and sand family goofs

I first met Ali Wells a few years ago, she was Mara’s first teacher at Emmanuel Episcopal Day School (can’t speak highly enough of that place!), and we remained friends even after school ended. I love Ali because she is such a sweet, fun-loving person who genuinely looks for the best in everyone! And after meeting her family, I know exactly where she gets it from 🙂 kids in the sand

You can’t hang out on the beach without getting some playtime!big family ladies and gentlemen walking towards the ocean

“We are tied to the ocean, and when we go back to the sea,
whether it is to sail or to watch – we are going
back from where we came.”
~ John F. Kennedybrother and sister

It was awesome getting to spend time with these lovely people! I found out that coming to this beach house has been a family tradition for many, many years, it it was cool looking at photos that had been taken on past trips (the kiddos were so cute and tiny!).
Ali, thank you so much for having me come and photograph for you and your family! It was so wonderful to be able to not only spend time with you all, but also to capture this moment in your lives so you can treasure it always! family photos on the beach corolla beach session sisterly love silly family photo

Gotta love when clients are up for a goofy photo 😉romantic photo on the beach Fresh Look Photography

Gah!!! So incredibly romantic!!!silly in love grown up siblings playing on the beachThis picture was awesome because it was a recreation of one that was taken many years ago when these three were all still kids!