It is always so awesome when I have clients come back to have me photograph for them again. It’s such a compliment because not only did they like their photographs the first time around, that family liked them so much they came back to have me take pictures again! Thank you!!! But I will say that it’s amazing what a difference time can make! The last time I photographed for the Hipsher family, was quite a few years ago, so when I saw how these two handsome little dudes, I couldn’t believe how big they had gotten!

what a difference time can make family goofing off photos with parents

What a Difference Time Can Make

Matthew and Jennifer trusted me to pick the perfect spot for their family photo shoot, and I am simply in LOVE with how the pictures came out! There’s nothing like an open field, tall grass, and spending time with the ones you love to set the perfect mood for pictures! And if that doesn’t work, then all you have to do is get the teenager talking about the girl he is currently crushing on… that’s sure to get some smiles out of everyone 😉

what a difference time can make sweet little boy brothers and friends

Jennifer and Matthew, thank you so much for sharing your family with me again! I had an awesome time laughing and joking with you guys, and your boys are such sweethearts! They would definitely be allowed to come over and play with my kids anytime, so you just let me know when I can come steal them from you!

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