When you’re dating, it is so easy to find and set aside quality time for your significant other. You two love each other more than anything, still get butterflies when you think about that person during the day, call/text each other all the time and still manage to find lots of things to talk about when you’re together, and simply can’t get enough of each other.But somewhere down the line, “making time for us” doesn’t seem to the the priority anymore.

pictures in a field couples photos in tall grass making time for us

Sure, there are lots of other (and definitely important!) things that have to take precedence and need to be addressed. And if we’re being honest, this kind of honeymoon love is very hard to maintain and eventually has to be replaced with real life… or does it?

Making Time For Us

Nancy and Androcleas have been together for quite a few years, married for most of them, and with four kids between the two of them, these two lovebirds have definitely got their hands full! When Nancy initially started talking to me about having me take pictures, it was supposed to be for the whole family. But I was so excited when she changed her mind and decided to just make it a couples photo shoot for her and her hubby!

making time for us outdoor couples photos

I’m a big believer that family pictures are important. Hands down, no question about it.
But I’m an even bigger believer that we need to place a greater importance on our relationships with our spouse/significant other. It amazes me how many couples I talk to who are getting family pictures done, and when I ask them when the last time they got pictures of just them done, the typical answer is “at our wedding”… say what?!?!

making time for us

Nancy and Androcleas, thank you so much for coming out and trusting me to capture some wonderful photos to document your love story. It was awesome getting to laugh and joke with you, and I know that you will be able to treasure these images because they will remind you what really matters.

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