couple in loveMost of the time at military homecomings, there is a LOT of waiting around. You wait to be let on base, you wait to find a parking spot, you wait for the ship to pull in, you wait for your sailor to get off the boat… You get the idea: lots of waiting.
And for photographers, we’re standing with our families on the pier, so we’re in on all the waiting too. However, at the USS Elrod Homecoming, there was no waiting for me this time! USS Elrod Homecoming

These sweet little kiddos were SO ready for their daddy to come home!Fresh Look Photography

After months of being gone and missing your other half, there’s nothing quite like holding the one you love and feeling their warm, solid presence.USS Elrod Homecoming

USS Elrod Homecoming

This sweet family thought that daddy was going to be one of the last ones off the ship, but at the USS Elrod homecoming, I guess things got moved up a bit because he was able to get off early (hooray!). Not normally a bad thing, but on this particular day, he was walking off the ship as I was walking up the pier (eek!). It definitely made for a photographer who had to think quickly on her feet! Luckily we were still able to capture some amazing moments as the family was reunited after many, many long months apart. patriotic girl

This little lady was completely decked out in her patriotic wear, right down to her bright red toenails! 
USS Elrod Homecoming

Seriously… could these two be any sweeter?!USS Elrod Homecoming

Even thought things were a bit crazy on the pier at homecoming (aren’t they always?!), I was so happy to be able to capture these special moments for such a sweet family. Fresh Look Photography