It can be tricky navigating the waters when it comes to things wedding guests love. Will they be just as crazy for the mariachi band as you are? Are long sparklers really the best idea for a sendoff with 100 drunk guests?!

Last week we shared a post about 5 Things Wedding Guests Don’t Care About, so today we’re sharing 5 Things Wedding Guests LOVE!


So that Begs the Questions, What DO Guests Care About?

Here’s a list of things wedding guest love, and are sure to be a hit every time!


5 Things Wedding Guests Love

1) Food and Drinks

Whether you choose a 5 course plated meal or opt for a food truck with burgers, the food should reflect your style and compliment the wedding theme. And just in case you’re wondering, a taco food truck is always a good idea! 😉


fall southern charm stylized wedding


2) Good Music

Music will be played from the time people walk into the reception space until they leave, so ensure that you’ve got some great music ready to go! I’ve seen music make or break a reception, so take my advice and hire an AWESOME DJ to keep people on the dance floor all night long! If you need an idea for some tunes to start the day, check out our playlist picks { HERE }!


3) Photo Booth

Not gonna lie, even when I see a photo booth, it makes my heart happy because they’re so much fun! Wacky props, best friends squeezing in so everyone can be in the picture, and copious amounts of alcohol… sounds like the recipe for success to me! Plus guests get a photo strip to commemorate your big day and all the shenanigans that went with it!


4) Bathroom Basket

It’s always so courteous to offer a bathroom amenities basket for all those little things guests might not plan for: tablets for an upset stomach, bandaids for shoes that weren’t broken in, hairspray to revive your hairstyle, or mints to freshen breath are all great options! It’s such a small thing, but it’s a wedding detail that makes guests feel taken care of.

5) Late Night Snacks

Yes, we just had a scrumptious meal a few hours ago, but getting down on the dance floor burns a lot of calories and makes guests work up an appetite! Whether you arrange for a local food truck to stop by or have the venue prepare mini sliders, guests will surely appreciate the snack (especially if your party goes late into the night!).


naked wedding cake


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