Let’s face it: as the bride and groom, we are WAY more invested in our wedding day that anyone else. We want to make sure that every tablecloth is perfectly ironed, each escort card is exactly lined up, and that the food looks picture perfect (because we want all the gorgeous pictures – duh!). But honestly, most people don’t pay attention to these details quite as much as we do. Here is a list of 5 things wedding guests don’t care about – hopefully you can take use list and take a load off your mind!


5 Things Wedding Guests Don’t Care About

1) Garter/Bouquet Toss

Really this is just another way for the single people to be picked out and have someone say “it’ll be you next!”… There’s nothing worse than being forced to awkwardly catch the bouquet if you’re single.


2) Long Speeches

Toasts are usually one of my favorite parts of the reception (aside from the cake, of course), because it gives us a special look at the bride and groom’s life together – as seen from those closest to them.

However, nothing kills the reception vibe like a long… drawn out… rambling speech/toast.

My advice: keep it short, sweet, and funny – everyone loves to laugh!

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3) Wedding Favors

I’ve talked to a  LOT of wedding planners, and they all agree that wedding favors are one thing you don’t need to stress about. One planner mentioned that after the wedding, she usually has to pick up at least 1/2 of the favors and return them to the bride and groom! (that’s a lot of money wasted!) My suggestion – either make the favor something edible, or skip it altogether.


4) Waiting

Don’t make wedding guests wait on you! I understand that it’s hard to stick to the timeline because there is SO MUCH that needs to happen on the wedding day. However, with a little pre-planning, and having a wedding planner to keep you on track, there is no reason your wedding (and each subsequent event) shouldn’t start on time.


5) Seasonally Appropriate

There’s nothing worse than being out in the weather, and being too hot/cold/sweaty/chilly because appropriate accommodations weren’t made for the guests.

I get it – you aren’t God and can’t control the weather.

However, if you see that it’s forecasted to be 90 degrees and sunny, but your wedding is out under the big blue sky on a golf greene – for goodness sake take pity on your guests and get a tent to put over everyone (or at the very least provide some fans to help keep guests cool).

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