Not gonna like, it totally freaked me out when I looked at the calendar today and saw that it was the first of May. Not because the year is tick, tick, ticking away – but because that means that my kids only have a few more weeks of school, then they will be out for the summer! Eekkk!!! That just means it’s time to buckle down with  my May 2017 monthly goals so I can really spend time with them and enjoy the summer!


May 2017 Monthly Goals for Entrepreneurs


Personal Goals

  • Water – I’ve decided this is just going to be on my list forever because I want to drink more water!
  • Change household decor – it’s time to put away the spring/Easter stuff and bring out all things summer themed for our house!
  • Enjoy time with Amanda – one of my best friends is coming to visit us, so I want to be able to spend quality time together, and not obsess over work while she’s here!


Business Goals

  • Update Client Area Canvas – and we just had new family photos done, so it’s the perfect excuse to refresh our client offerings and put up our new gorgeous photos!
  • New Business Cards – we put photos of our work on our business cards, and with all the new gorgeous images we have, I have been itching to make some new cards with stunning photos!
  • Online Client Course – even though there is LOTS of great information, I’m struggling a bit to keep up with all the course requirements, so just catching up and staying up to date is my goal.
  • 2018 Wedding Packages – we’re restructuring our packages a bit, and finding that balance between value and service for our wonderful clients.
  • Flesh out details for the summer wedding workshop!

So there you have it, our May 2017 monthly goals!

What are you going to be tackling this month?

Is there anything special you will be focusing on now that the weather is warmer?!