Yesterday marked one month until my kiddos are out of school for the summer. It’s something that is exciting and terrifying at the same time: exciting because there is so much more that we will be able to do together once we aren’t tied to the school schedule, but terrifying because all three of my kiddos will be home all summer and I’m worried that productivity and good work habits are gonna say adios for the summer. Eek! If you’re in the same boat as me and want to prevent summer burnout while school is out, today’s blog post is for you! I’m sharing tips to increase productivity while enjoying summer with YOUR sweet little shrimpies!

Prevent Summer Burnout

1) Start Right

School mornings in our house are often hurried, stressed and a bit (a LOT) chaotic. It does not really do a good job setting the tone for a peaceful morning.
During the summer months I want to adopt a semi-scheduled morning routine to get us all started in our day. My kids have recently started getting into workout videos on YouTube, so I plan on starting kids yoga with them three days a week. Something that can get us all relaxed and focused on having a fun, productive day (no matter what we have planned).

preventing summer burnout

2) Plan Accordingly

Since the kids will be at home with me all day, I’ve got to adjust my working hours in order to maximize the work that I get done and not fall behind on what I need to do.
Usually, the first thing I do after the kids go to school is make myself a cup of coffee and go to the office and write the daily blog.
If I’m now starting my days with the kids doing yoga, that means I’m not able to get the blog done first thing and am going to have to designate a different time to pre-blog, so that I can simply post the appropriate blog each day.

Not a big deal, it’s just going to take some pre-planning on my part.

3) Schedule it Out

I’m a big believer in schedules and having things to look forward to, so – while we won’t keep a rigorous schedule during the summer – I am definitely adding things to the calendar to keep the kids entertained (and keep me sane!). Things that are usually on our weekly list are beach days, $1 movie days at Regal, Library outings for the summer reading program (and usually they have crafts to make on certain days as well). I’ve got another blog coming in the next week talking about things to do with the kids during the summer, so if you need more ideas, keep an eye out for that one!

work life balance

4) Feed Your Creative Spirit

Even though I’ll have the kids home, I’m still going to feel the need to scratch the creative itch and make some magic with the camera. I’ve decided that this summer, I want to get the kids little point and shoot cameras and do “photo walks” with them. I’ll teach them the basics of using a camera, but I really want it to be a creative outlet for them – and inadvertently, for me.
Other things you can do to feed your soul are take yourself on weekly artist dates, go scouting for new locations to do pictures, take a drive and listen to inspiring music, journal, or do a monthly photo project (Fresh Look is getting ready to start one in June and we’d love to have you along!).

5) Set Boundaries

It’s really hard to not have your stress level go through the roof when you aren’t setting boundaries for yourself. We need to realize that it’s okay to say NO!
I think that one of the hardest things for us creatives to realize is that NO is a complete sentence. We don’t have to give an excuse or an explanation, we can simply say, “no thank you” and move on.
Remember that every time you say yes to something you are not as passionate about – you will have to say no to something you actually DO want to do.

There You Have It!

Those are my top 5 tips to prevent summer burnout while school is out.
Do you have kids? I’d love to hear how you are keeping them entertained while they are home for the summer and still getting work done!