Photography Classes at Virginia MOCA are a great way to learn your camera.

Take a few minutes and go to the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art‘s website and look at the class offerings for winter and spring of 2013.

From painting to ceramics to photography, there is truly something for any interest.

As a photography instructor at MOCA, I want to share all the classes that I’ll be teaching and maybe it’ll inspire you to come take one!

There are classes for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced.

Check out our list of the six week classes, from the MOCA website.




Photography 1: Introduction to Digital Photography

Learn how to make the most of your digital camera and create better photographs.

We do this by taking control of image creation and learning the basics of manual digital camera functions such as basic settings, white balance, ISO, shutter speeds and aperture settings.

Classes will include hands-on assignments and students will look at various photographers to better inform their own process and learn about image aesthetics.

A digital camera with manual capabilities is required for this class. No computer or photo editing skills will be covered in this class.


Photography 2: The Digital Darkroom

Take your photography to the next level as you lean to manipulate digital photographs using Adobe Photoshop.

The class will cover basic and creative Photoshop editing techniques, as well as photographic image aesthetics.

Various techniques will be demonstrated and students will be given time to experiment with these techniques with assistance from the instructor.

Students will also be given photo assignments outside of class to assist them in understanding the concepts covered in the course.

Each new technique is the foundation for the next so it is important that students attend class each week as there will not be time to repeat lectures or demonstrations.

We will use Photoshop and Photoshop Elements in this class.



People Pictures: Renew Your Passion for Capturing the People in Your World

Over the course of this class we will look at 30 photographic exercises to renew your passion for capturing the people in your world.

The goal is not flattery, but connection and depth.

With inspirational introductions and step-by-step instructions, you will explore street, lifestyle, candid, and environmental shots using natural light.

The projects in this course are structured to help you build a strong foundation, tell a story, connect with your subjects, and stretch your abilities to discover your own style.

A digital SLR camera is required and students must be familiar with basic manual camera settings.




In addition to these classes, I will also be offering a few one day workshops:

Lighting with Flash 101

Accessory flashes are one more tool in your arsenal, and they give you the flexibility and ability to create beautiful portraits in any lighting condition. If you have never used an accessory flash, it can seem a bit intimidating. This workshop is designed to get you up and running with your flash. You will learn how to get the most from your flash on and off camera. Concepts such as TTL metering, wireless flash, flash exposure compensation and rear curtain sync will be covered. Bounce lighting strategies and using flash accessories such as small soft boxes, shoot through umbrellas, bounce cards, snoots, grids and colored gels will be also be discussed.
A digital SLR camera and an accessory flash are required and students must be familiar with basic camera settings.


The Business of Photography

In this workshop, students learn how to build their photography business the right way: by developing their vision, establishing a business strategy, and learning how to effectively market to increase visibility and sales. We will also cover how to effectively organize and run a small business, finding the balance between being an artist and a businessperson, the basics of copyright, how to find future clients, and so much more.


Modern Glamour, Stylized Wedding

In this photography workshop, an entire mock-up wedding is created: everything from an intimate ceremony, to bridal party portraits, a reception setup and more. It will include all the little details, gorgeous models, a storyline for the day, and limitless photographic opportunities! The day begins with a presentation focusing on the “how to” of wedding photography, walking through all aspects of the wedding day (working with your equipment, photography styles, “must take” shots, editing, etc). During the afternoon, students will have the chance to take what they learned in the lecture and photograph at the various wedding stations set up in the museum and on the grounds.
A digital SLR camera is required and students must be familiar with basic manual camera settings.