“I’m sorry, I’m a little out of my mind because I’m getting married on Sunday!”
I have lost count of how many times I’ve uttered those words in the past few days!!!
I was never one of those brides who wanted to have our wedding countdown broadcasted for the world to see. Not that I wasn’t excited, but I just didn’t want the focus to be on the wedding hoop-la… However, with 3 days to go before walking down the aisle, there are definitely some things that I”m looking forward to (and some things I’m looking forward to being over!

wedding countdown engagement photos in the marina engagement photos in the pier

Our Wedding Countdown

Ribbon wands (which finally got done!!!), little boat favors, seating charts, who’s coming (and who’s not coming), getting all the wedding attire together… this is ALL important for the wedding day and will make it beautiful and special for Eric and I.

But more than anything, I want to marry the one who makes my heart smile.

photos of the photographersnuggling on the pierengagement photo shoot

Wedding planning for me has been super stress free up until this week (thanks to my fab wedding planner Joyce!), so it was inevitable that at some point it would happen 🙂
Even though I’ve got a million things running around in my head, and the to-do list seems to go on forever, I know that none of the things I’m stressing or worrying about really matter in the grand scheme of things.
When we first sat down to talk with Ken Lane (the awesome guy who’s gonna be marrying us), he was asking us about the wedding and I remember telling him that I didn’t really care about the wedding (you can read all about that story here ) because our marriage was where I really wanted to focus our energies.

wedding countdown photographers in front of the camera

That being said, it is still 3 days before our wedding, there is still a heck of a lot to finish, and at the end of the day, Eric and I still want to keep our focus on what truly matters: loving each other, being surrounded by those we love, and starting on our next great adventure together!

Now if you’ll excuse me… I have to go finish writing my vows 😉

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let me love you for the rest of my life

All the gorgeous images of Eric and I in today’s blog post were from our engagement session last November with Abbie Rae Photography