Okay, before I officially get kicked out of the wedding industry for uttering such blasphemous words as saying I don’t care about my wedding (I’m waiting for lightning to strike me as we speak!), let me tell you what I mean.

Usually, here’s how it goes

A wedding day – when you get right down to it – is just one day.
It has the same 24 hours in it as any other day, but those hours are often fraught with chaos (to put it mildly).
People are running around getting hair and makeup done, ensuring all the suits and shoes are ready to be worn, ties are straight, flower girl is smiling, programs are out, aisle decorations are perfect and the bride hopes to move everyone to tears at the mere sight of her floating down the aisle towards her knight in shining armour. From there it’s a whirlwind of pictures, toasts, dancing, food and cake; and all too soon, the bride and groom are collapsing on the bed of the hotel room utterly exhausted and having a hard time remembering details from their wedding.



I Don't care about my wedding


When did the wedding day become a competition to see which bride could out-Pinterest the next one? When did table centerpieces become a bigger deal than the guests sitting around said table? And when did the focus of the wedding day shift from the joining of two souls and families to who can put on the best party?


Why I Don’t Care About My Wedding

I don’t care about my wedding because it’s just one day.

It’s going to be wonderful, and it’s going to be beautiful, and I want everyone to have a great time (us included!).

But at the end of the day, it’s about Eric and I getting married.

If the cake falls over, or the flowers don’t turn out perfect, or my dress gets dirty, or the timeline doesn’t go exactly as it should… it’s not the end of the world.

Eric and I agreed a long time ago that the wedding wasn’t that important to us. 
Having us joined as man and wife, in front of God and our families, that was the important part.
So as long as that happens, everything else is (quite literally) icing on the cake.

So by all means, have that lavish wedding, surrounded by those closest to you, dance your butt off and drink champagne all night… but don’t forget about the REAL reason for that special day.

Because at the end of everything, it will just be one day.
Your marriage is for the rest of your life, and that’s gonna need a heck of a lot more work than planning a hundred weddings! So what’s more important to focus on?


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