When it comes to getting “the shot” there isn’t a lot that we aren’t willing to do – even if it means putting ourselves in some pretty particular situations! We’re talking a bit of a lighthearted take on today’s blog as we chat about the oddest places you will find photographers… for those of you in our profession, can I get an amen?!

Oddest places you'll find photographersOddest Places You Will Find Photographers

Laying on Their Stomachs on the Floor

No, we didn’t decide that laying down in the aisle during your wedding was the best place to take a nap (I’ll at least wait until after the ceremony is over!). However, it IS a great place to get a perspective shot during the wedding ceremony. Since we’re laying on the floor, it shows the pews leading up the the bride and groom and places the focus right on the couple.

Or (like the photo taken here) it gives us a great angle to get those adorable little chunky cheeks!

Oddest Places You Will Find PhotographersStraddling a Fence, Leaning on a Tree

Yeah… just wait for THAT mental image to hit you! I love that one of my second shooters grabbed this shot of my balancing act at a wedding we did.

Unfortunately, I’m a bit of a midget – right at 5 feet and 1/2 an inch. That fact often requires me to be a bit more… resourceful when I’m shooting my couples.

I’m not going to say that I’m unsafe when I take pictures – safety first… usually. But I am certainly not scared to climb and contort whatever way I need to in order to get the photo I have in my mind’s eye (or that my client wants).

Pushed Back in the Furthest Corner of the Room

No, we aren’t trying to be anti-social, most of us love the fact that the wedding day is really just one big party! However, when it comes to capturing the spirit of the wedding day, sometimes you want to get a wide shot of the entire room and everyone in it. But it can be hard to do that if you don’t have a wide enough lens – thus the reason you could find your photographer crammed into the furthest corner trying for all their worth to get that awesome wide image!

And if you want even more laughs, take a look at this funny video of a photographer who had one too many Redbulls before starting the photo shoot 🙂

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