morning routineDuring the school year, mornings around here can be a little hectic: there are lunches to be made, kids to get dressed, backpacks to get together… and I haven’t even started to get myself ready! That’s why for us it’s pretty important to have a morning routine to balance being mommy (making sure my kiddos are taken care of) and then switching over into photography mode (so I can rock and roll with my business!). keurig cupsI would love to sit here and tell you that I’m one of those chipper morning people.
You know, the kind that bounds out of bed feeling refreshed and renewed and singing because they are just so flippin happy to be alive!

Yeah… you know the type.

I am definitely not that way in the morning.

For my personal morning routine, I like to be quiet when I first wake up. I usually grab my phone, and spend about ten minutes or so looking at new notifications and emails. Up to this point (as long as the kids aren’t making a ruckus), I will normally let them play or do whatever until around 7:20, then it’s time to get ready for school.

coffee no creamerWhen the boys are dressed, fed and off to school, it’s 8 o’clock-ish. At this point I lay out clothes so my daughter can get dressed and I go take a shower (what a blessing to have kids that can dress themselves!!!).
After I’ve gotten myself ready, it’s time to make lunch for Mara (she always wants a peanut butter sandwich) and then drop her off at school by 9am. Sometimes we make the bell, sometimes we’re a little late… we are normally pretty good 😉 morning routine Once all the kids are out of the house, one of two things usually happens:

I either head to Starbucks to do a few one on one photography lessons, or I head back home to work in my office. Either way, the first thing I’m doing is brewing a cup of coffee.
I wouldn’t say I’m addicted to coffee, I just love the way it tastes, smells, and how warm it is! (okay, that sounds like I’m addicted 😉 )
Once I’ve got my coffee and settled down, it’s time to edit pictures and work on blog posts all morning until my little princess finishes school in the early afternoon.

So that’s my morning routine… what’s yours?