cherry blossom treeIn Japan, the cherry blossom tree is more than just a gorgeous sight to behold a few weeks out of the year. There are many thousands of cherry blossom trees, and each year the Japanese people closely follow the blossoming of the trees. When the trees are vibrant and in bloom, people come from all over with their families and friends to view the flowers and enjoy festivals.cherry blossom tree

The meaning of the cherry blossom tree in Japanese culture goes back many hundreds of years. For them, the cherry blossom represents the fragility and the beauty of life. It’s a reminder that life can be overwhelmingly beautiful, but at the same time it is also tragically short. Since the cherry blossom tree blooms for such a short time each year, they serve as a visual reminder to all of us how precious and how fleeting life is! cherry blossom tree couples kiss

Gah!!! Totally swoon worthy <3

love in bloom

romantic photo shoot

When Lisa and Steven mentioned that they wanted to do a couples photo shoot, I immediately thought about taking them to Red Wing Park in Virginia Beach. Generally the cherry blossom tree blooms in late March or early April. But since the weather has been so crazy this year, it’s caused a delay in the buds at Red Wing from blooming and it’s been hard to schedule a session out there. However, when we were there for our session last weekend, the trees were ablaze with pink and white gorgeousness!!! couples photo shoot

Gotta be able to goof off together 😉cherry blossom tree

Seriously can NOT get over how perfectly romantic these pictures turned out!
romantic cherry blossom picture cherry blossom tree cherry blossom tree

Lisa and Steven, thanks so much for having me take pictures for you two, I had an absolute blast laughing and joking with you two and was so happy to be able to document just a piece of your love story. I wish you nothing but joy and happiness in everything that the future holds!