It is officially December, and that puts us officially in the home stretch for 2016! Holy cow, when did that happen?! Putting together this blog of monthly goals December edition was easy because this is my favorite month! There is so much to look forward to that the only way you’re going to have a bad month is if you’re a Scrooge (bah humbug!).

Things I’m Looking Forward to This Month

Advent Calendar Activities: I’m devoting a whole blog to this topic tomorrow, but basically my three little shrimps and I do a different activity each day to bring the spirit of the holidays a little closer to our hearts.

Christmas With My Huge Family: when I was younger, I hated being in a big family. There are 7 kids and my two parents, so our house was often quite crazy! But now that I’m an adult and have my own kids, I couldn’t be happier to have all my siblings and parents living in the area so we can spend time together. Christmas 2016 will be at my parents house (god bless them!), and I’m already plotting planning ways to make the day even more awesome!

Christmas Baking/Cooking: Okay, so maybe not so much for the baking on my part (I’m a terrible baker – way too precise for my tastes!), but I LOVE trying new recipes and making foods we only get this time of year. Plus it’s always fun to get together and make cookies with my sister Stephanie and her kids!


January Goals List


Monthly Goals December Edition

Personal Goals

  • Send Out Christmas Cards (make sure I have your address by clicking on THIS LINK)
  • Wrap presents before kids get out of school for the year (one less thing to worry about!)
  • Drink lots of champagne on my birthday (Decemer 31st here we come!!!)

Business Goals

  • Wrap up all business loose ends. I’m closing up shop on December 21st, so everything needs to be done by then!
  • Get thank-you cards written for clients.
  • Have new planner fully implemented for use on January 1st!


So that’s what will be going on over in this part of the woods…

What do you have planned for the month of December? Any special traditions or foods your family has to indulge in as we launch into this special season?!