The Christmas season is quickly approaching – it’s already in full swing for some of us! When you think about the upcoming holidays does it make your heart dance with excitement, or fill your entire being with dread?! I would say that for most of us (whether you are a small business owner or not), there isn’t a whole lot of joy in the holiday season because we all have so many obligations and responsibilities. But what if I gave you the secret recipe for how to have your ideal Christmas?!

Wait, say WHAT?!

That’s right! No more dreading the Christmas season, but rather you can actually make it full of JOY and LOVE and LAUGHTER. We can remember the real reason for the season, and cherish the time we have together… sound too good to be true?! Read on to find out how!


How to Have Your Ideal Christmas

First things first: Take a Deep Breath!

Once you’ve taken a few deep breaths, start to think about what you really want Christmas to look like.

I mean, if you were able to have it happen any way you wanted – what would you choose to do (and not do!)?

Who do you want to be with? What do you want it to feel like/sound like/taste like? Where would you be?

Got a pretty good mental picture? Good, now write it down.

For me, I immediately think of being in a rustic mountain cabin (with all the modern conveniences), snuggled under a blanket with my hubby in front of a crackling fireplace, with a light snow falling outside, and the kids playing a boardgame by the tree. We wouldn’t have any commitments outside of the cabin – nowhere to go, no one to meet with – just peace and blessed alone time. We would cook together, watch cheesy Christmas movies and eat popcorn, make snowmen and have snowball fights, and create the most awesome hot cocoa bar ever!

After reading what my perfect holiday entails, is that necessarily going to happen?
Probably not.

But if you take a look at my list (and yours as well), there are things that you can pull out that you CAN make a reality!

The overarching theme in my “Christmas wish list” is spending quality time together. Putting away the hustle and bustle of life, and focusing on our little family.

Is that doable? ABSOLUTELY!


getting in the Christmas spirit


When thinking about how to have your ideal Christmas, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are there things you can do now to avoid holiday craziness later?
    I start Christmas shopping in September so that I get everything I need before the holiday rush, and I’m not worried about running around like a crazy person trying to find gifts in December!
    The same idea goes for wrapping presents, doing holiday baking, mailing out Christmas cards, etc.
  • Grab your calendar and block off dedicated family time and dedicated event time – and hold it sacred!
  • Set a budget (and actually stick to it!). My friend Susan was just showing me an app called Santa’s Bag that tracks all your holiday spending, who you’ve bought for, etc and keeps it all in one place!
  • What things can you get rid of in your schedule to make things more relaxed? You know, those things you should do, but don’t need to!
  • What did you like MOST about the last holiday season? How can you make that happen again?
  • What did you like LEAST about the last holiday season? Can you eliminate that out of your life?

The bottom line is that the holidays should keep you focused on enjoying the people, places and experiences, rather than the stress and the “stuff”. I hope that this blog post can help you reflect on what really matters so that you are able to have the holidays of your dreams.