When one of you is a pilot – is there really any better location than this Military Aviation Museum Engagement Shoot?!

Anj and Kevin were one of the amazing couples that we met at a bridal show earlier this year.

Typically, we meet a lot of people: the bride with their bridesmaids, the bride and groom together, the bride and her mother (even getting just the groom by himself occasionally!), so it can be difficult to figure out who needs what and if you are going to be a good fit in 2 minutes or less.

It wasn’t hard to remember these two lovelies right away, and when it came time to do a session that was unique to them, having a Military Aviation Museum engagement shoot turned out to be perfect!


Military Aviation Museum Engagement Shoot snuggling by the airplanes Fresh Look Photography swooning over the kiss sunflowers in engagement shoot

Military Aviation Museum Engagement Shoot

Getting to shoot in such a unique spot was especially perfect for these two lovebirds – who are actually getting married next month!

Kevin is in the military and when we did these pictures he had just gotten his wings pinned on.

Because they were so now, I’d venture to say that he was almost more interested in showing off his new wings pin than the gorgeous engagement ring he got Anj.

Just kidding!

Being in the military, there is always the chance that life could change in an instant.

Initially these two sweethearts had a different plan for when/where their ceremony was going to be, but then Kevin’s military orders got changed and they had to put the fast forward button on all the plans.

I am so excited for Anj and Kevin, and can’t wait because I know their wedding is going to be just wonderful as they are!


love to love you Fresh Look Photography Military Aviation Museum Engagement Shoot engaged couple in love

King Estate wines

With both of them being from Oregon, it was important to incorporate a little piece of home into their photo shoot… And the wine was actually really good! 🙂kisses for the one you love Established 2015 engagement photo shoot military couple engagement outdoor engagement shoot smiling and showing the bling


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