This Sunny beach engagement photoshoot was the perfect way for Cristina and Robert to get some snuggles in before their wedding.

In Virginia Beach here are plenty of spots where you can go and enjoy the sand and ocean waves.

However – as a VB local, I believe that one of the best places to go is Chicks Beach on Shore Drive.

It is a favorite for locals, and has so many beautiful spots for picture taking!

Get to know more about these two lovebirds in today’s post!


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Sunny Beach Engagement Photoshoot

It was Labor Day weekend 2019 on an app called Bumble, and I (Cristina) had a really hard time knowing what to do when Robert’s profile came up. For some reason, he made me nervous, but after numerous times of opening and closing the app, I finally decided to pull the trigger.

After Robert matched with me, we started messaging and I told him that I was going to delete the app, he quickly asked if he could get my phone number before I did. Then he asked if I wanted to maybe meet for a margarita and fajitas (of course!) and on September 7th, 2019, the stars aligned.We met at a Mexican Restaurant for our first date. We were both so nervous, but it went smooth and by the end of the evening, Robert was already wanting to plan the next date!

April 23rd, 2022 – little did I know what was really in store that day.

Robert and I had Spring photos scheduled, and we were rushing around looking for the perfect outfits to wear for our photoshoot. We got ready and headed to Maymont Park in Richmond. Once we arrived, we tried to figure out where the photographer was and ended up parking at the complete opposite entry than where the photographer was set up. Robert & I walked for what seemed like miles across hills and mountains to get to the Italian gardens, stopping to take breathing breaks and laughed a lot, but we finally made it!
We met under the pergola, but there were so many people everywhere! We did not realize it was prom night and all of the kids were dressed so beautifully and taking pictures everywhere in the gardens. The photographer had us stand together, then proceeded to tell us to “do your thing and just be yourselves” so we did just that – smiling and giggling at each other, holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes. (per usual)
Robert told me to feel how fast his heart was beating – I didn’t even really understand why he was so nervous. I told him that I loved him and he reciprocated, then began to reminisce on the conversation we had just had about our energies and how they match; how he never believed in soulmates because no one had ever touched that part of his heart – until he met me (gahh!).
He let go of my hand and then reached in his pocket, pulling out a box. He got down on one knee and said “Cristina Ann Joseph, will you marry me?” I was in shock, blown away, confused and started crying with joy (all of the emotions at once!). In the background, there were prom kids everywhere, I heard someone say “oh my gosh, she’s getting engaged!”
After a few moments, I was able to get my thoughts together and said “yes!” The crowd around us starting cheering and clapping for us! We kissed, hugged, laughed as Robert & the photographer told me how this had been planned as proposal photos and that I had basically set it all up not even knowing!
All that time, I thought I was planning Spring photos with the photographer, Robert was planning not only a marriage proposal, but a surprise engagement dinner with my entire family and some of the most important people in my life. It was more than I ever dreamed of! Such a special day!


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