This nautical engagement session is full of sweet and sentimental things that are special to the couple.

Jenny and Jason are celebrating their happily ever after, and that means going back to the start of their love story: the Great Bridge Lock Park in Chesapeake, Va.

From running around the forest, playing a game of chess, and launching their boat – these two sweethearts had the BEST time together!

It was my honor to be able to capture their engagement photos and document the fun leading up to their wedding day.

Get to know more about these two lovebirds in today’s post!


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Nautical Engagement Session

On a bright, sunny, beautiful spring day they met each other at the Great Bridge Locks Park in Chesapeake, VA.

Jenny loved being outdoors, and being around water always gave her sense of peace.

Jason had a boat that he loved taking out on the water and is always looking for new places to launch it. They caught each other’s eye and just started talking.

The two of them sat down under some beautiful trees at a stone chess board table, and then walked along the edge of the lock right next to the water.

Thus began a love that anchored them both.

Jenny and Jason continued to see each other for a few hours every day, after Jason got off work and on the weekends.

Their love and connection grew with each conversation, asking each other every question they could think of and then got books that recommended even more questions to ask before heading into a remarriage.

It did not take them long to realize that they each found exactly who they had been looking for.

A true life partner.

Someone that will stick by their side no matter what.
A partner who would put in as much effort into the relationship as the other does.
There was an equal balance of giving and receiving and it felt amazing!

When they went to the Luke Bryan concert at the Virginia Beach Amphitheater on July 7, 2022, Jason pulled out a ring and asked jenny to marry him.
Jenny said absolutely YES – with no questions asked.


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