who else is ready for fallOkay, be honest: raise your hand if you feel like summer went by way too quickly and think that we need a do-over (I’m raising my hand!). Y’all I have seriously been in denial about the summer ending and the upcoming fall season! I love hoodies and bonfires and sweaters as much as anyone else, but I’ll always have a love for summer (no matter how hot it gets!). So I will try not to think summery thoughts as I sit here and write out my September monthly goals list. Dang! September already!!!

September Monthly Goals

I didn’t do as well with my goals last month because I was more focused on spending time with my kiddos when they got back from their dad’s house (hooray!), but I’m definitely looking forward to the start of school and the stability that a consistent schedule will bring. Having set work hours again (not just whenever I can sneak away from the little shrimpies!) is only going to make productivity go up!

January Goals List

Personal Goals

  • Balance – find a balance in my personal life so that I’m doing as much as I can as efficiently as I can.
  • Subtraction – taking things out of my life in order to have more (inspired by { THIS POST }, it is long, but a great read!)
  • Wicked 10K – I procrastinate every year in my running prep, here’s to being the first year where I actually do it right!

Business Goals

  • Blogging Workshop – it’s gonna be the evening of Monday, September 28th, so keep your eyes peeled for more info on the blog later this week!
  • Business Headshots – Eric and I desperately need headshots, so this is going to be a priority for us in September.
  • New About Us and Mission Statement for the website