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So You Want To Be A Better Photographer?

Hi there and Welcome to Fresh Look Learning!

Thanks so much for stopping by to check us out and learn how to be a better photographer. We are Judith and Eric Soule, and we’re stoked you’re here! We are a kick awesome wedding and portrait photography duo, and in our off time we watch Game of Thrones like it’s going out of style, try and plan date nights that don’t involve our cameras, and work together to education and build up other photographers here in Hampton Roads and all over the US!

We Believe:

Everyone can take beautiful pictures, you might just need a little helping hand to create that image in your mind.

There’s no morning that coffee can’t make just a little bit better!

The photography industry will only improve if we build each other up, not by being catty and tearing each other down.

In offering mentoring and workshops (both free and paid) so that we can be a part of  someone else’s photography journey.

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