So You Want To Be A Better Photographer?

Are you looking to go more in-depth with your camera? Do you want to get out of shooting in Auto? Frustrated with not having your pictures turn out like you want?

You Have Found The Perfect Place!

As a photography instructor at Virginia MOCA and the owner of a photography business since 2009, I have the skills and practical experience to help you grow as a photographer and reach that next level of awesome! So you want to be a better photographer? I offer one-on-one lessons to give you individualized attention covering all the topics that you need to know.


Photography Mentoring: Camera 101

photography mentoringDuring each session you can look forward to an hour of personalized, one-on-one mentoring tailored to YOUR learning style.

In the first lesson will cover the basics of camera settings and get you out of shooting in Automatic Mode.
I will answer any questions you have, as well as go over manual settings (such as ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture), the Exposure Triangle, and why they are crucial to creating the images you envision.

After the first class you will have all the tools necessary to shoot in Manual mode!

During the second lesson, we will review what was covered in the first lesson and go more in-depth by covering composition, lighting, what makes a technically correct image, etc.


I recommend sessions being scheduled 1 week apart to give you time to put into practice the things covered during your session.


Business of Photography Mentoring

3 hours of personalized information, tailored to your business model.

In addition to creating some gorgeous headshots for your business, usually we do a lot of digging deep into the workings of your business during that time as well. That way we can make sure you are equipped to make your business even more amazing that it already is!!!

During the mentoring session, we can cover what topics you want.

Sample things we can discuss are are establishing a business strategy, as well as learning how to effectively market to increase visibility and sales.

We can also chat about how to effectively organize and run a small business, finding the balance between being an artist and a businessperson, creating an efficient workflow, editing your images, the basics of copyright, how to find future clients, and so much more!

For more information or to schedule a session, click on the Contact Me page and we will get the ball rolling!