I swear, it’s like I blinked and it is already time to write out my November 2022 goals!

October is (literally) the busiest time of the year for us.

Our days were filled with multiple weddings and events, lots of photoshoots, and even more business branding sessions.

We won’t talk about how many late nights were spent in front of the computer!

But it is a new month, and I am excited for all that it has in store for us!


November 2022 Goals


November 2022 Goals

Personal Goals

  • Pre-Plan Meals (this is out of necessity since I will be out of town two weeks this month)
  • Decorate for Christmas mid-November – I know, I know… I don’t want to be that guy, but between traveling and not being here for actual Christmas, I want to enjoy the holiday decor a little longer!
  • CLEP Class for College – it’s my first time trying this one, so keep your fingers crossed for me.


Professional Goals

  • Attend two photography conferences – I’m headed to Phoenix, AZ and Savannah, GA)
    So I will need all the awesome places to eat while I’m there!
  • Start wrapping up the business year, decide whether to send holiday cards or not.


What’s on the list for your November 2022 goals?

Drop a comment below and let us know where your focus is going to be.

We’d love to see what you are up to and cheer you on with some encouragement!

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