Writing my May 2023 goals is a bit cathartic for me.

When I write my monthly goals and put them out into the universe, hopefully someone other than my mom sees it.

Hi momma!

But even if I am the only one who looks at this post, writing down your goals can help hold you accountable.

Life gets busy for all of us, and it is so easy to just try and get through each day and let that be the end of it.

By writing these goals down, I am saying that “I am striving for more” – and you should too!

I hope that this post encourages you to chart some of your own goals for this month.

And even if it doesn’t feel free to check in on me and ask how I’m doing on the goals I set for myself.


Virginia MOCA wedding reception


May 2023 Goals

Personal Goals

  • Drink More Water
  • Complete this CLEP Finance Class (if you have any pointers for completing a CLEP class, I am all ears!)
  • Mail Graduation Announcements for my son Wesley (how is he old enough to be graduating high school?!)


Business Goals

  • Confirm Date and Location for Spring Photowalk net month
  • Read $100M Offers by Alex Hormozi
  • Create awesome photos for all the APIHM Yelp Events we are photographing!
  • Put finishing touches on my office and photograph it (y’all are not even ready for all this gorgeousness!!!)


cherry blossom tree


What’s on the list for your May 2023 goals?

Drop a comment below and let us know where your focus is going to be.

We’d love to see what you are up to and cheer you on with some encouragement!

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