by the lakeCynthia’s husband has been deployed for a few months now. And any military spouse can tell you that having your other half gone is hard enough, but having them gone and trying to carry on with every day life makes it harder. And then add in the fact that Cynthia has three adorable little kiddos… lets just say that even though she is doing an AMAZING job holding down the fort while the hubby is gone, it will be a big relief to have another set of hands!
When she got a hole of me through OpLove and we decided to do a photo shoot by the lake, I knew it would be the perfect setting because kids automatically love anything to do with water. And when they showed up in their matching patriotic themed outfits, it couldn’t have been more perfect!

all the babies by the lake capturing the details set sail for fun wave your flag, by the lake

I remember that on the evening that we did our session, it was overcast and kind of chilly. Now, keep in mind that I’m a big wuss when it comes to being cold. I just don’t like it!
So on that evening, I was worried about the kids being too cold for pictures, but that fear soon proved to be unfounded. They bounded out of the car full of fun and energy, excited to show me all the fun stuff they had brought for the photo shoot! I knew after a few minutes that we were going to be just fine.

Cynthia, thank you for sharing your beautiful family with me, I loved getting to know you all and am REALLY looking forward to being with you on the pier when we are able to welcome your husband home!!! Until then, be strong, you are amazing!!!

weeping willow portrait becoming a handsome man under the tree, by the lake under the weeping willow by the lake Smiling and waving