beach engagement photosCharlie and Ayrl are one of those couples whom you meet and can’t help but fall in love with how awesome they are! The first time we went out to have coffee and chat about wedding stuff, Charlie seemed a bit reserved, but once Ayrl got there and we all started talking and interacting, it was plain to see that these two compliment each other so well!
After they made the decision to hire me for their August wedding (YAY!!!), we then started discussing where to do the engagement shoot… with so many awesome location possibilities, it was hard to narrow it down! But after discussing the pros and cons of a few different places, we settled on beach engagement photos.

playing under the pier beach engagement photos intimate embrace sparkling ring on moss


The day of the session, the weather couldn’t have been more perfect! We chose early evening to head out to the water and sand because I love how flattering “golden hour” light is.
Anyone who has done a session with me has more than likely heard me say the phrase “pretend that you like each other”. A little cliche… maybe. But it always gets a smile out of the couple, and Charlie made me smile when he said that they don’t have to pretend because they really DO love each other. Aawww! So sweet!!!

teal steps on the beach teal steps on the beach walking on the beach


Charlie and Ayrl, our session was awesome and I had a great time getting to know you two during your beach engagement photos! I am so excited for your wedding in August and can’t wait to share that special day when you unite your lives forever, surrounded by your family and friends!

beach engagement photos beach photo shoot beach engagement photos