The story of this military homecoming fly in had a rocky start.

Even though Katie checked all the right boxes to get me on base, there was a mixup, and base security wouldn’t let me drive on.

I’m sitting outside Norfolk Naval trying to figure out how I’m going to get on in time to photograph this homecoming.

Katie found a duty driver who could come pick me up and bring me on base (whew).

Only slightly fearing that I would get chopped up into little pieces (^_^), we got on base with no issues and started taking pictures.

There are always lots of nerves leading up to a service member coming home.

But the joy that erupts when everyone is finally reunited is AMAZING!

Get to know a little more about this family and their story.


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Military Homecoming Fly In

Tell Us a Little About Your Family
We are a Navy family, so we have learned to roll with the punches and take what life gives us.
Since we have been separated so much by the Navy, every weekend we have together seems just a little sweeter than your average weekend.
We love to go for walks and spend time outside, and our little explorer can’t get enough of watching the animals.
Describe Your Family’s Perfect Weekend
Cooking breakfast together, then walking to the park to swing and play outside.
Our daughter Kenley is obsessed with the outdoors and loves to watch every animal.
From squirrels to birds, and especially dogs!
What’s One Unique Thing About Each Person
Kenley is extremely sweet and very curious. She has melted the heart of everyone she’s met.
Katie is a pediatric physical therapist, an amazing mother, and the glue that holds our family together – both through deployments and when Will is home. She has a huge heart, loves her friends and family, and is an EXCELLENT party planner
Will is a lucky man and tells some awesome dad jokes. If you ever need a good laugh or eye roll, his jokes are for you. He is also the most thoughtful and caring husband and father.
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