Tara and her little man Lathan had the cutest Woodstock Park OpLove session!

Since daddy is deployed, Tara decided to take some special photos for him.

I absolutely loved the cute little sign she created for a special Fathers Day message for her hubby!

Get to know more about this sweet family on today’s blog!


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Woodstock Park OpLove Session

Our little family lives here in Virginia Beach because Lucas (my handsome husband) is in the Navy.
I went to EVMS, so I was in the area and that’s how my husband and I met and I stayed here for him!
We really enjoy being active – we both love to workout, bike, snowboard.
Lucas and I also love trying new restaurants, especially when we can incorporate whiskey and wine!
Lathan was our surprise baby.
We weren’t trying just yet, but he’s been a blessing.
He is so funny and very stubborn!
Our perfect weekend would probably be spent visiting the Charlottesville area.
We really love the mountains!
Lucas and I take a trip there every February, and alternate snowboarding days at Wintergreen with days spent in Charlottesville eating and going to wineries.
Maybe even throw in a little hiking.
My family is near that area, so we visit with them as well.
We love cuddling up and watching movies. We’re pretty low key!
Hmm what is one unique thing about each person?
We’re kinda plain (haha).
I am a bit crazy and neurotic – definitely a clean freak! I also really love to cook and travel.
My husband is very level headed and calm – except in traffic!  He is a crazy hard worker, and so smart.
Little Lathan is stubborn as can be, very smart and a total daddy’s boy… until daddy deployed.
Now he is a mama’s boy (finally!).
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