Looking at this Oak Grove Park photo shoot, you would never guess that it was 35° and freezing!

But these guys were such troopers and there was (almost) no complaining 🙂

Getting ready for daddy to deploy isn’t fun for anyone. Especially mom, who has to hold the fort down!

That’s what I’m so happy to be able to give back by doing OpLove sessions.

That way these families can have wonderful keepsakes to hold onto when their servicemember is gone.

Get to know more about this family in today’s blog!


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Oak Grove Park Photo Shoot

1) Tell Us a Little About Your Family
We are a wild bunch, that is for sure. Landon, out eldest, is always inventing something, while Ryan, the youngest, is always destroying. They are opposite ends of the same coin but such best friends. Mostly, they are brothers after all. Mom is a stay-at-home-mom who also runs her own business and that keep life a little crazy.  Throw a move every few years in for the Navy and Dad keeps us on our toes too.

2) Describe Your Family’s Perfect Weekend

Our perfect weekend is staying at home and playing outside with the kids If my kids could live on bikes, they would.
3) What’s One Unique Thing About Each Person
Dad used to race motocross, he kinda loved it.
Mom reads an average of 1-2 books a day.
Ryan is going to be the next president.
Landon is going to be the next Thomas Edison with the inventions he creates.


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