a girl and her dogWhen it comes to those we love, it’s easy to remember all the standouts: mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents… but what about those four legged ones that we love?! They are an intricate part of our family and definitely deserve to be included, especially when it comes to getting photos done!
For Edwina, because her hubby is gone right now, she decided to do a fun photo shoot to remind him what he’s got waiting for him when he get back! So this session is just a girl and her dog, both hoping that their missing family member comes home soon! playing with the puppy

I love the sweet look on this puppies face (not that she’s a puppy, I just refer to all dogs as puppies!)sitting by the fountain big beautiful eyes

Edwina! You have got some gorgeous peepers there my dear!!!soft and romantic a girl and her dog

Anyone who’s ever walked a dog can relate to getting all tangled up in the leash! I figured we would just roll with it and make a cute photo 🙂outdoor photo shoot

For this session, we decided to hang out around Town Center Virginia Beach, because it offered a variety of photo options; giving us both the urban, city look as well as the grassy area across the street. It was awesome because that location turned out to be the best of both worlds! a girl and her dog

Gotta love a dog who will just get right in there and play!Fresh Look Photography goofing off together

Edwina, thank you so much for coming out and letting me get to know you a little bit better and photograph you and your sweet puppy! I know you’re excited to have your husband home, and hope that these pictures make the time apart a little easier for both of you!