Picture it: you just finished your photo shoot and have all these gorgeous images from your session!

If you’re like me, you are over the moon excited, and can’t wait to hang some new artwork on your walls!

However, if you only get digital images, the next question is usually: where should I print my pictures?!

This is a loaded question because unless you print through a professional lab, you risk images not coming out correctly.

Where Should I Print My Pictures?!

Here are some test prints that I got done at local labs in Virginia Beach and then scanned to my computer.

The first one on the left is the original that came from my lab in Richmond.

This is followed by prints from CVS, Walgreens and Target (three of the most popular places for consumers to print their pictures):


where should I print my pictures


These are all the same image.

Nothing was changed when they were sent to the printer.

It just goes to show that there is a huge difference in where you get images printed!

Look at the image all the way on the right and how saturated it is. The two middle photos have a green/purple cast.


Well that’s all well and good for pictures of shoes, how does that affect my pictures?!

So glad you asked!

Check out these images of the bride from the same wedding as above.

Again, the image from my pro lab is the first one on the left.

I changed it up a bit and had the second one printed at Walmart (wow does that look bad!).

The third one was done at Target, and the photo on the right is from Rite Aid.


bride before the wedding


You always hear from photographers, “invest in good prints!”

It’s totally true!

When I do viewing sessions with my clients and encourage them to buy prints, it’s because we believe that everyone should have gorgeous photos on their wall!

And we really want our clients to have the best quality that they can get for their wall art!

Because, let’s face it: after you spend all this money on hiring a professional photographer, the last thing you want is to have a picture hanging on the wall where you look green!

So What Are My Options?!

I want you to have AMAZING images, and that only happens when you print pictures from a reputable photo printer. Here are some options for pro prints that you can start ordering from right meow:

Mpix – A consumer division of Millers, which is an awesome pro lab!

Richmond Camera – they’ve got an awesome online ordering area.

AdoramaPix – a great option if you want quality at an affordable price.

Want to See the Difference For Yourself?

I am so confident that you will fall in love with the amazing images that I create and print for you from my pro labs, that I have a 100% money-back guarantee! If you are not totally happy with the quality of your image, let me know and I will correct the problem immediately!

If you’re ready to start talking about doing a photo shoot of your own, feel free to hit the { Contact Me } button or give us a call at 757-749-5350 so we can get the ball rolling!


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