Here in Virginia Beach, we got a small layer of that fluffy white stuff, so that means it’s a snow day! Kids everywhere are rejoicing and parents everywhere are sighing… for my part I’m pretty excited, right up until they come inside flinging their wet boots and gloves all over the place ūüėČ We rarely ever see snow, so when we have the opportunity to enjoy a snow day, I’m all about it. Especially since Virginia weather is so crazy!


blowing bubbles

snow day

For example, yesterday morning it was 57 degrees and I was walking around without a coat and thinking “there’s no way it’s gonna snow (and stick!)”… Boy was I wrong! Last night around 5 o’clock, little white flecks started falling from the sky and the wind started howling so that it was swirling and making us feel like we were inside a snow globe!


afternoon fun blowing bubbles


Snow Day

So why, you might ask, am I posting images of my sweet little shrimpie blowing bubbles?! Especially since everyone else has been non-stop showing off their little ones bundled up and playing in snow!
Well these pictures were taken two days ago (on Monday), when the January temperatures were in the mid 60s (you read that right… I said mid-60s!!!). I wanted to get my kids outside and decided bubbles were a great excuse to do that! But it really gave me pause to go out there with them and enjoy them being little. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day grind, I just wanted to remind you to stop and smell the flowers along the way.

So get out there and build a snowman, make the best fort ever, throw snowballs until your fingers are numb, ¬†them come inside and drink some hot chocolate. The memories you make now are something you’ll treasure forever!


stop and smell the flowers

Your kids are only little once… make sure to treasure that time together!!!