At first glance, the title of this blog post might seem a bit strange: photos in a parking garage? How are you A) going to get a client to agree to have their photo shoot there, and B) actually have some decent pictures to show off when you’re done?! Luckily I have clients who really trust me, so when we realized that it was supposed to rain the day of their session, I suggested that we go to this unconventional place and check it out. The pictures speak for themselves.


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Photos in a Parking Garage

The first thing you notice about Taneika and Brad is that they are both so incredibly positive! They have wonderful attitudes and are such sweet individuals! They decided to get some engagement photos done in February (right after her birthday!) so they could have something hang on their wall since the big day for these lovebirds isn’t until August of 2016. Although every time I see her, I always remind Taneika that it’ll be here before she knows it.


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When we all got to the location to start, I loved their matching outfits, with shirts that said “The Powership” in bold purple lettering and had a king and queen’s crown underneath. I was intrigued and asked what it meant. Taneika explained that they wanted to see a community of empowerment for couples, where they could build one another up and really encourage the other in business and life goals. I love this mentality! I think that we would all be a little better off by adopting this sense of encouragement rather than discouragement.

Taneika and Brad, I hope that the countdown to your wedding is as stress free as possible, and that you both are able to treasure every part of the journey you are on right now. I wish you nothing but joy and can’t wait for your gorgeous wedding next year!


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Love What You See? Want to Have Your Own Session?!

If you’ve finished looking at these photos in a parking garage and are thinking to yourself – I wanna do something like that! Awesome!!! We would LOVE to create a custom portrait session for you and the ones you love! Feel free to message me by hitting the { CONTACT ME } button or by giving me a call at 757-749-5350. I can’t wait to create some magic for you!