Janel and I had so much fun doing her personal brand photoshoot!

I’ve known this sweet lady for a long time, and we have done many wedding events together.

Whenever we get to work together, I know it’s going to be nothing short of amazing!

So when we made plans to get together and do her personal brand photos, it was a day filled with flowers, laughter, chocolate and (a shared favorite) Hamilton!

Get to know this beautiful lady and her work in today’s blog.


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Personal Brand Photoshoot for Vivid Expressions, LLC

It was 2003, only hours before my wedding, and I was broken down and completely in tears.  My name is Janel Bailey Keen, Owner, Principal Designer, and Lead Educator at Vivid Expressions LLC. You might find this hard to believe, but 17 years ago things were falling apart and I was on the ground crying before my wedding day.  Shortly after my wedding day I made up my mind that if there was something I could do to help another bride NOT go through what I went through during my wedding planning I wanted to be a part of that.  I had realized that if I knew then what I know now and if there were more of the principal’s I’d learned and used as an art major being used in the wedding planning world, then things would have been different.
You see, most of us have been there.  Well, maybe not to the extent I was at.  But, for some people it’s a matter of juggling dozens and dozens of ideas that are floating around in your head and not being exactly sure what they’ll all look like put together.  Or maybe you have the perfect, dream picture in your head but you’re just worried it won’t come out how you imagined it.  If this is you, you’re not alone and entire industries are designed to overcome this.  You see, movie makers do this all the time.  They take fanciful ideas and images, and seamlessly bring them to life.  But how?  Well, allow me to share one of their secret weapons with you – the Art Director and production team.
They take care of using professional Design Processes to flawlessly take ideas and turn them into scenes that the stars can see, touch and experience.  Would it be amazing to take all of your likes, style and elements of your personal love story and see them effortlessly come to life?
In 2006 I launched Vivid Expressions, where I can share my talents to help others artistically and strategically bring their dreams to life. Here I offer 3 main things:
  • Event Design Consulting
  • Event Florals & Decor
  • Event Design Production
* I also offer some educational courses and coaching to help aspiring wedding entrepreneurs develop their professional skills and knowledge.
Of course, as my couple’s personal Art director, I love to guide them through a creative process that takes all of their ideas, likes, style, preference and even elements of their love story and we work together to develop a cohesive design plan with beautiful custom illustrations blueprinting the various designs of their wedding day.  Couples never have to worry about us not being on the same page or things not looking like they imagined because they approve sketches of each design.
What’s next?  Well, once you approve your design your design production team leaps into action!  Professionally fabricating and orchestrating all of the moving parts in the “production stage”.  We’ll work on all the steps before, during, and after (yes, even cleaning) to create the perfect work of art for you to celebrate and make amazing memories throughout your big day.  And honestly, that’s what I live for.  The look on a couple’s face, the transformations I get to help create, and the lives I help bring magic to for a once-in-a-lifetime moment.  You deserve that joy and I’m so honored to be a part of that.
So, how do I start?  Well, I know I’m not the best fit for everyone, that’s why I only work with client’s I’m the best fit for.  That’s why I always start with a questionnaire and video chat to get to know each other.  If you’d like to chat please reach out to me with the contact form on VividExpressions.com Until then, I wish a lifetime of love, laughter and bliss.  Cheers!
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