This has been the longest – and at the same time shortest – summer on record. I mean, how is it already time to write out our September 2020 goals?!

For most of us – our back to school is looking a little different this year.

Thanks ‘rona.

Instead of actually going back to the classroom, most students are starting out at home.

And if you’re like my kids, virtual learning is going to be a thing for a long time.

Not necessarily a bad thing – it’ll just be an adjustment (for all of us).

I hope that your schedule gets back on track soon!

As for us – we are going to be putting our heads down and trying to be as awesome as possible!


September 2020 Goals

Personal Goals

  • Daily Walk – this is something I was doing very consistently and then summer (and humidity) hit. I want to get back in the habit of daily movement.
  • Start Learning Spanish – this has been on my to-do list forever, I plan on setting a reminder every day to do Duolingo.
  • Have a kick-awesome time in the mountains for our second-in-command (Eric) birthday weekend!


Professional Goals

  • Blog 2 Sessions Per Week (we’ve got SO MANY beautiful photos to share!)
  • Film 5 videos for YouTube channel/Tip Thursday
  • Get ahead in social media posting (at least a week at all times)


Want to Challenge Yourself?!

We’ve got a whole list of Social Media Prompts to help conquer your September 2020 goals!

Take a look at this list we’ve put together, and feel free to swipe and use all our awesome ideas!


September 2020 Goals


What’s on the list for your September 2020 goals?

Drop a comment below and let us know where your focus is going to be.

We’d love to see what you are up to and cheer you on with some encouragement!

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