For this Navy family, they are all pros at handling the rigors of deployment. From getting taking care of their two kiddos, to getting stuff fixed when it inevitably breaks while he’s gone… Christy knows what it takes to be a strong navy wife and does everything she can to support her hubby and their family as he does another deployment aboard the USS Winston Churchill. Nothing makes sailors feel closer to home than to see pictures of their loved ones, so we decided to do a patriotic urban photo shoot to help make dad’s deployment a little more bearable!

daddy on deployment patriotic urban photo shoot daddy on deployment hugs for mommy

Patriotic Urban Photo Shoot

If you were to ask Christy what she misses most about her hubby (Kenny) being gone, she would probably give you the “are you stupid” look and ask where she should begin! She may be a pro at being a boss lady while Kenny is gone, but that doesn’t mean she has to like it! I know that for these guys (and the many other sailors stationed aboard the ship), homecoming in November can’t come soon enough!

photos on the bricks brick background

With two kiddos to wrangle, Chloe and Colin definitely keep her busy and occupied until then! Christy is a stay at home momma, and they are planning on riding out the rest of Kenny’s military career here in Hampton Roads. Christy says that the best part about homecoming day is going to be the look on her kids faces when they finally see daddy again!!!

city walk Downtown Norfolk photo shoot

Christy, thank you for allowing me to come and photograph for your sweet little family! I can’t wait for your hubby to get home and for you guys to have the other half of your heart back.

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