monthly goals listI can’t believe it… I’ve made it through a whole year! I have blogged just about every day Monday through Friday (knock on wood that it continues!), and have written a monthly goals blog post at the beginning of every month in 2013! Go me! I’m feeling pretty accomplished right now 😀 Granted, writing down what I want to accomplish is easy, it’s the following through after the fact that is more difficult.

monthly goalsDecember is a big month for me because not only is it the last month of the year, it’s also my birthday on the 31’st (horay!!!). So between Christmas, my birthday, New Years Eve and the plethora of holiday events happening… there will definitely be lots of celebration going on this month! As for my goals form last month, I did pretty well. The one big thing I didn’t get accomplished was completely restructuring my pricing. I am contemplating doing things completely differently in 2014, but just have to have the faith in myself (and my amazing clients) that it will work! No pressure. Regardless of what you celebrate this month, I hope that everyone has an amazing holiday season filled with love and joy. Here are my monthly goals for December 2013:

Personal Goals

  • Do all the advent calendar activities I planned out for the kiddos
  • Go sing Handles Messiah with my momma at the Sandler Center
  • Finish buying presents for everyone… well, start buying presents anyway 😉
  • Have a kick-awesome birthday with some pretty amazing people!

Business Goals

  • Finish pricing changes
  • Decide where to allocate business funds for end of the year tax credits!
  • Order new business cards (they’ll be fun ones that show off images of my work!)