This maternity floral tub session is absolutely AMAZING!

(not that I’m biased)


However – let me be the first to say that this is in no way due to me.

I don’t consider myself a maternity photographer by any stretch of the imagination.

The gorgeous goddess in these photos is really the one bringing the fire and making all the magic!

When Annie said that she was on the fence and wasn’t sure about doing maternity photos for her sweet little bump… I knew I had to do my best and make magic for this beautiful soul.


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Maternity Floral Tub Session

Annie is a fellow photographer, and we’ve had the pleasure of working together a bunch trading branding photos.


She is most well known for her “alter-ego” and goddess tub shoots – where she goes ALL OUT creating lavish images for her clients.

It was so cool to see how she incorporated both of those things into her maternity photoshoot.

First, we did the alter-ego look – where she donned lon, luscious locks and transformed herself into a strong mother figure.

Next, she jumped into the milk bath and channelled her inner badass to create some GORGEOUS photos.


Everyone has different experiences with their pregnancies.

But I hope that this shoot inspires you to embrace every part of the journey and realize just how powerful we are!


Annie – you are such a ray of joy, thank you for sharing your beautiful spirit with me.

I can’t wait to meet the little nugget who will make your family complete.

Thank you for continuing to trust me to capture your moments, I promise to never take it for granted and always keep them safe.


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Love What You See? Want to Have Your Own Session?!

If you loved seeing all the gorgeousness from this maternity floral tub session – awesome!!!

We would LOVE to get you in front of our camera!

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Can’t wait to create some magic for y’all!

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